Computer Genius Battling off Extradition to U.S.

Computer Genius Battling off Extradition to U.S.
By Susan Basko, esq.

Eric Eoin* Marques, a computer genius in Ireland, has been in jail and battling off extradition to the U.S. where he would face prosecution under U.S. laws for acts the U.S. considers crimes, but which Ireland has refused to prosecute.  The FBI has branded Mr. Marques with extreme smears meant to diminish or remove his chance of getting a fair trial.  They have called him "the world's foremost facilitator of child pornography."  A closer examination of the reality shows this to be a propaganda tactic.   

(* Eoin is pronounced like "Owen.")

This week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, June 21, 22, and 23, 2016, Eric Eoin Marques was in Dublin before the Appeals Court regarding the U.S. efforts to extradite him to the U.S.  to face criminal prosecution.  The result will be a Reserved Judgment that is expected in about December 2016.  If the result is not satisfactory, the next step would be to appeal the decision to the Irish Supreme Court, and then to the European Court of Human Rights.  Mr. Marques has dual citizenship in Ireland and the U.S., but his family is based in Ireland.

Eric Eoin Marques is a young man with Asperger's syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum characterized as being intellectually smart, but having trouble with social skills, as well as repeated, obsessive behaviors and interests.  He had no particular socialization and spent all his time hidden in his bedroom developing amazing things on the internet.  

While hanging out in his bedroom in his father's apartment in Dublin, Mr. Marques developed Freedom Hosting, a business that made it extremely easy for anyone to start a website on onion tor, the deep web.  Mr. Marques owned or rented hundreds of computer servers throughout Europe and provided inexpensive, easy, website hosting that anyone could step right into.  It is estimated that Freedom Hosting was hosting at least half the sites on the deep web.  Freedom Hosting had a strict policy of privacy, meaning that the Freedom Hosting "staff" would not look at the websites being hosted.  While the Freedom Hosting site information pages assured the users that this was not a one-man business, it was, in fact, a one-man business.  It was just Eric Eoin Marques in his bedroom, obsessively securing more and more servers to grow the dark web.

The FBI claims that Freedom Hosting, among the many sites it hosted for its customers, was hosting some sites containing child pornography or child abuse images, as these are called in the UK.  The FBI claims that Mr. Marques accessed a child porn site hosted on his servers at least once and adjusted a photo for a client.

Child pornography is a terrible thing that victimizes the children in the images in unspeakable ways.  There is no justification or excuse for making or distributing child pornography.  However, it is a legitimate discussion to question whether a young man with Asperger's Syndrome,  alone and obsessed with building a tor server empire, would even be able to comprehend such images, their impact, and their illegality.  There are also legitimate questions whether such a young man could comprehend whether he was being used and manipulated by sophisticated people in the child porn industry.  If a person is socially stunted, can he really be held responsible for not socially navigating properly amid sharks?

This case is unique in claiming that the internet service provider or hosting service is responsible for the content of all the websites being hosted.  This is like saying Amazon Web Services (AWS) is responsible for the content of all its hosted sites.  Not long ago, I complained to AWS that a stalker-defamer-extortionist in San Jose, California has been using AWS to host a series of websites in my name and that these are criminal because they are obscene, they are cyberstalking, they are impersonating me, and they violate my rights as a person and as a lawyer.  The same extortionist owns many such websites in the names of other people.  AWS looked at the websites, admitted they were disgusting, but said their company does not make a determination of what is crime or tort and does not remove such websites off its servers!  But the FBI expected Freedom Hosting  to do exactly that!  Why is Eric Eoin Marques sitting in jail facing gigantic criminal charges, while the owners of  Amazon Web Services are sailing on yachts and eating lobster?

Likewise, the FBI could easily call Twitter the "largest facilitator of ISIS recruiting on the web," and in fact, it seems the FBI has called Twitter exactly that.  But the FBI is not raiding the homes of the (former) Twitter owners and Board or CEO.  The FBI could also call Twitter a huge purveyor of porn and child porn, because, let's face it, it appears to be just that.  The FBI could also call Twitter the "largest facilitator of death threats in the world," because, again, it appears to be.  And yet, the FBI is not knocking down the doors of the Twitter CEOs.

Likewise, the FBI could call Facebook the world's largest facilitator of revenge porn against teens, the world's largest facilitator of racist hate, and a hotbed of death threats.  Yet, the FBI is not knocking down Mark Zuckerberg's door in the pre-dawn hours.  

So what is the difference between Eric Eoin Marques and these other internet entrepreneurs?  Eric Eoin Marques was involved in developing tor, the hidden web.  He was making tor accessible and easy for everyday type users.  And that gave all those users anonymity and privacy on the internet.  If privacy can be equated as "bad," then that seems the likely reason Eric Eoin Marques is being held accountable for the content of websites he did not own or run, but had on his servers.

In addition to Freedom Hosting, Eric Eoin Marques invented, developed, and ran Tormail.  That was a service providing easy access to untraceable email accounts.  Yes, Tormail was probably used by a lot of harassers and hackers, but it was probably also used by activists and those working to secure human rights.  But Tormail also provided privacy, and thus was closed by the FBI.  

The bottom line is that Eric Eoin Marques is one of the most prolific internet geniuses alive today.  He worked on his own and kept to himself, and even pretended his company was more people than just himself.   It seems rather shocking that the FBI wants to squash that talent and place Eric Eoin Marques in a cage for his lifetime.  It also seems stunningly unfair to brand him with smears regarding child pornography, so that he cannot get a fair trial and cannot even get fair media treatment.  All the news outlets keep repeating this vile mantra as if it sums up the situation.  Even liberal type tech news outlets, known to question the government spin, have repeated the FBI-fed smear against Mr. Marques.  Where is the questioning?  Are the tech outlets and entrepreneurs prepared to say that each ISP owner is now criminally liable for all content placed on its servers by customers or the customer's clients or public users?

The legal questions are being ignored.  Is a web server company owner criminally responsible for the content of the websites it is hosting?  If so, that is something very new in U.S. law.   This needs to be brought out into the open and discussed and dissected.

Right now, the issues before the Irish Court of Appeals involve the reasons for not extraditing Eric Eoin Marques to the U.S.  The panel of 3 judges seems aware of the hazards of extradition to a young man with Asperger's Syndrome, taking him far away from his support network of family to the U.S. prison system that is notorious for not providing proper medical or mental health care.  

But the issues should be about far more than this.  Do we allow a genuine computer genius to be locked up longer still, because some of the users of his business were hosting illegal content?  Is he responsible for their content?  Should be be made to pay for their crimes?  And if so, on what basis?  

There is a discussion waiting to happen:  a logical, fact-driven discussion that does not involve tainting a person with smears.  

Vendome Underpass Tent City, Los Angeles

Vendome Underpass Tent City, Los Angeles
by Susan Basko, esq.

In the City of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., Vendome Street has an underpass beneath the 101 Freeway.  As in many underpasses throughout the Unites States, people with no other place to live have made their homes in a tent camp lining the sidewalks and embankment below the busy road above.

 These photos are all taken from Google maps.  They are all Copyright by Google 
and are used here in Fair Use for purposes of analysis and commentary.  
According to the note on the photos, the Google maps truck took these photos in March 2015.

 On that day in 2015, each side of the street had about 6 tents, with a few additional tents up higher on the embankment.  Notice how the tents have been neatly spaced apart, each one next to a support post.  This will provide support for the tent.  It may also provide each tent's occupants with a bit of privacy behind the post for engaging in toilet activities.

Living under the freeway provides some shelter from heat, cold, wind, and rain.  Los Angeles does not get snow.  Temperatures range from about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) on a cold winter day to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) on a hot summer day.  In the summer, the nights tend to cool down.  

In the summer, the temperature in the underpass will be cooler than out in the sun.  However, it is very noisy living below a road above, with the constant roar of cars and trucks driving at high speeds.  There may also be mice, rats, and other animals.  There is always a danger from robbers or violent people.

 There are also no running water, toilets, or showers.  
This woman appears to be washing her hair with bottled water.

 Perhaps she and this man hauled the bottle of water to their tent home in this shopping cart.

 This shopping cart looks like they might use it to collect recyclable bottles.  In California, purchasers of water and other drinks in plastic bottles pay a tax of 5 cents per bottle.  Many people living on the street make money by collecting empty bottles and bringing them to a recycling center, where they are paid 5 cents per bottle.  Many of them steal shopping carts from stores to have a vehicle in which to collect bottles and to store and haul their personal belongings.  Most water bottles are easily crushed, which allows many to fit into a cart.  A cart filled with bottles might net a collector $5 or $10.  This is a bare subsistence living for many people in Los Angeles.

Here she is catching a few rays of early morning sunlight for hair washing.  The location of their tent, near the end of the underpass, allows them to enjoy the sunshine a bit.

This appears to be a buggy or cart laden with a tent, a little pink baby suit, and a collection of other personal possessions.  These items are most likely beloved by their owner. 

This looks like a young woman in a white dress.  She appears to be standing behind her tent.  There appears to be a fence to keep her from going up onto the embankment.

But, here she is behind the fence.  Maybe someone cut an entry in the fence.  The area on the embankment might be used for toilet activities, for cooking or lighting a small fire for warmth, or for storing or hiding belongings.  

This tent has a tidy set-up.  Notice the shoes are set outside the tent.   Supplies are off to the side.  A blanket is hung on the fence, possibly to dry it or to provide a private dressing area.  A towel draped over the entry to the tent provides privacy, while allowing air circulation inside the tent.

That same tent appears here on the right.  To its left is a much larger tent. 

The larger tent, shown here on the right, has a shopping cart stowed next to it.   A shopping cart is a prized possession among people who live on the streets, because it can be used for collecting recyclable bottles. In California, small water bottles bring 5 cents apiece, which can add up to a few dollars that can buy food for the day.

Next to the big greyish tent is this smaller orange and white small dome tent. Perhaps because the  tent is so small, the occupant has many items stored outside around the tent.  Notice the occupant in the tent takes up most of the inside space.  The tent is just big enough for sitting or lying down.

The Google truck usually drives around just after sunrise. This looks like a woman in her pajamas.  Maybe she is getting ready to go to her job?  Many homeless people in Los Angeles are employed, but do not make enough money to pay the very high rents and security deposits of multiple months' rent.  

The blue tent has a wheelchair parked outside.

The resident of this tent may be disabled and get around in a wheelchair.  It looks like a mattress is stowed along the fence.

The next door neighbor living in the orange and white tent has many interesting objects on display, including what appear to be gold-colored statues of animals.  There is a shopping cart.  A red plastic box provides storage.  A plastic bag full of things hangs on the fence.

This is a map of where Vendome Street passes below the Freeway.  It is a residential area.

This is how the area looks from the sky.

These are nearby home listings with prices from May 2016.  These are simple, small houses.  Most of them are about 1,000 square feet with 2 or 3 bedrooms.  The asking prices are around $600,000.  To buy a $600,000 house, one would need a $120,000 down payment and a yearly salary of about $192,000.  Very few people make this much money.  This is why there are so many people living in tents and vehicles in major cities in the U.S.

There is the neighborhood of houses for those who can afford them.  For those who cannot, there is this tent camp below the freeway.  This is very common in major cities in the U.S.

Thank you to Google maps for the pictures.  
Photos used in Fair Use for purposes of analysis and commentary.

Encyclopedia Dramatica - info needed

Encyclopedia Dramatica -info needed for legal purposes

Seeking the names, identities, locations, and contact info of all the past and present owners, admins and posters of Encyclopedia Dramatica

by Sue Basko, Esq.

It is time now to take back the dignity that was robbed from so many people by the horrible people who run Encyclopedia Dramatica.  They must be identified, reported, and prosecuted.  And You can help.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing


If you have landed here it may be that you also are a victim of Encyclopedia Dramatica, a predatory extortion website run by the very worst people on the internet. The website is obscene and deceitful.  It is used to silence the victims and witnesses of crime and to coerce others into crime.  Those are the main purposes of the website.

The vile extortionists who write and run Encyclopedia Dramatica started it a long time ago so they could lie about anyone who came up against their hacking, DDOSing, credit card fraud, bank fraud, sex crimes, dissemination of personal identifying information, and harassment and lying about others.  This gang of criminals creates pages in the names of their victims on their sickening website, Encyclopedia Dramatica.  But before they do this, they threaten the innocent victims, taunt them, extort them, and try to control them with the threat that their names and smears and lies about them will be posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is not only an extortion website, it is also an obscene website. It contains some of the most shockingly horrific obscene images.  If you are a normal person, the images on the site are so far beyond anything you have ever seen.  So, the victims who have their names placed onto Encyclopedia Dramatica are not only defamed and smeared horrendously, they also have their names and photos connected with shocking obscenity.  Of course, this is all criminally illegal, but for whatever reasons, the U.S. government has not yet prosecuted those involved with Encyclopedia Dramatica.  And we say "not yet," because your help is needed in identifying who these people are and exactly where each one is located.  Hence, this blog post asking you to identify them.   

The people who own, admin, and post to Encyclopedia Dramatica are involved in the massive crimes of extortion, coercion, aiding crime, aiding terrorism, and on and on.  Any good person who stands up against the crimes will have their reputation harmed or destroyed by the monstrous criminals involved with Encyclopedia Dramatica.  This is civilization turned upside down, where evil prevails and goodness is disparaged and crushed.  The danger and harm is very real, as any victim of Encyclopedia Dramatica or of its adherents will readily state.

For example, I was threatened for years by Richard Cochran, now often known as Jaime Cochran, and also known as Asshurtmacfags, that an Encyclopedia Dramatica defamation page would be created against me if I was not silent about the horrendous stalking against me by the antisemitic hate group Rustle League, which, as everyone now knows,  is connected to ISIS, the terror organization.  The Rustle League in itself has also been officially named a terror organization.  Cochran is a long-time member of Rustle League and of other various sickening internet gangs. Cochran appears on Youtube videos bragging about causing horrible damage to innocent victims and considering it fun.   The Rustle League members use a lot of Nazi imagery and symbolism, as is apt, since they are a fascistic and socially corrupt group. This group of vile monsters each day posted hundreds of antisemitic and defamatory smear tweets at me, with death threats.  They created literally dozens of impersonation and mockery twitter accounts.  All this, in the words of Jaime Cochran, was to make their group "relevant."  Cochran believes that harming others and lying about others is what makes a group "relevant," and when it comes to a group like Rustle League, it is all they have going.

 Finally,  Cochran created a defamation page on Encyclopedia Dramatica  using my name and invited other like-minded defamation artists and mental cases to join in with posting defamation and slurs.  These are the very worst of the worst people on the internet- racist, antisemitic, obscene, idiotic trolls,  extreme mental cases, vulgar, rotten people.

If anyone doubts this, I have hundreds of screen shots of people from the Rustle League lobbing the most horrendous and violent filth at me.   I have screen screenshots of Cochran posting threats at me.

Meanwhile, anyone can note, I never once responded to any of these horrific criminals, but reported them to the FBI and other agencies.  The Rustle League was officially named as a terrorist group, as is suited.

(NOTE: Encyclopedia Dramatica is closely related to Doxbin, the illegal site that was removed off the internet by the FBI, NSA, and other agencies working together. Many of the same people were involved in both sites and both were/ are used to facilitate crime by a particular set of people.)

In my instance, Cochran has been told to remove the page off Encyclopedia Dramatica, since it is a crime to place my name on this sort of obscene website, and is a legal offense against me to harm my name by posting such lies.  Cochran is one of the worst people on the internet, and associates with more of the worst, and thus, the page, filled with nothing but lies, defamation, and smears, remains.

WHAT DID I ever do to Cochran?  Absolutely nothing, other than object to constant violent antisemitism and death threats being sent to me for years.  For years.  Now that we understand the group Cochran is part of is connected to ISIS, the motivation becomes much clearer.

 This is how the Encyclopedia Dramatica site has been used criminally against me personally, but each victim has their own story. Elsewhere on this site, we told of 5 different victims of Encyclopedia Dramatica -- but there are hundreds of victims, each suffering great damage.

We are aware the main function of the Encyclopedia Dramatica site is to create high SEO defamation against people who speak out against internet crime in general or about crime against themselves.  Encyclopedia Dramatica has been used to try to force people into sex slavery, into hacking, into remaining silent to racist antisemitic groups.  If you are a victim of this malicious group of criminals, you are not alone.

The people behind Encyclopedia Dramatica are vicious, malicious, violent, and very very dangerous, but as a victim, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I am also a victim, and I am standing up.

It takes a LOT for me to be strong enough to stand up to this group of the most miserable, rotten people on the internet.  But if we are going to be good, honest people of integrity and decency, we MUST stand up.


We are trying to gather a FULL LISTING OF PEOPLE who OWN Encyclopedia Dramatica, who admin Encyclopedia Dramatica, or who have ever posted to Encyclopedia Dramatica.

You can send your info here as a comment.  Your comment will NOT be posted!  You can send in your comment Anonymously or you can attach whatever contact info you wish.

The information is intended for legal purposes.  

No attachments will be opened, no links will be clicked, etc.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE - domains, emails illegally used in my name

re: Domains and Emails being used illegally in my name by others
From: Susan Basko aka Sue Basko
Date: January 19, 2016

My name is Susan Basko or Sue Basko and I am an attorney licensed in the U.S.A. in California and Illinois.  This is a legal notice that I, my personal name, and my name as a lawyer are being impersonated and infringed upon.  Several domains (websites, emails, etc) in my name are being used for nefarious and/or criminal purposes by two men and associated companies without any permission from me.  

On or about March 11, 2014 and since that time, a man named Jason Scott Leiderman aka Jay Leiderman, a lawyer licensed in California and residing in Ventura, California, began purchasing domain names in my name.  These domains can be used for websites and other purposes and each domain comes with emails, also in my name.   Jason (Jay) Leiderman admitted this transgression against me under questioning from a Judge in a Court in San Jose, California.  Jason (Jay) Leiderman was or is the General Counsel for Via View, Inc., a corporate entity at times in Delaware, Nevada, and California.  A man named James Alexander McGibney, of San Jose, California,  is the owner or president of ViaView, Inc. and an employee of a company called Rosendin Electric in San Jose, California.   The domains in my name of which we are aware are now being held in the names of ViaView, Inc and or James McGibney.  I DO NOT  have any contracts or agreements with Jason (Jay) Leiderman, James McGibney, ViaView, Inc., or Rosendin Electric whereby any of these people or entities would have a right or license to use my name, own or use a domain in my name, own or use an email in my name, or communicate as  me, about me, for me, or in any way communicate any information using my name whatever.  These individuals or companies have taken it upon themselves to purchase, hold, and use approximately 5 (five) domains in my name for purposes that can only be classified as illegal, harmful, harassing, or criminal.  These individuals and companies have been given adequate notice that they are to cease and desist in impersonating me and owning domains or emails in my name, and yet the domains in my name continue to be held and operated in the names of one of more of these encroaching impersonators.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO LEGITIMATE REASON FOR ANY OF THESE PEOPLE OR ENTITIES TO OWN OR OPERATE ANY DOMAIN OR EMAIL IN MY NAME.

Both of these men, Jay Leiderman and James McGibney,  are members of or connected with internet hacking or harassment groups Anonymous, Rustle League, Bullyville, and Cheaterville, and thus should be considered dangerous and should not be approached.   Rather, if you see communications that are in the name of Sue Basko but are not from my limited official websites and emails listed below, please contact me at one of the emails, or contact your local police or contact the FBI.  Do not view the illegal websites as they are likely spring-loaded with malware, and do not open or respond to any of the emails.

THIS IS LEGAL NOTICE THAT THE ONLY VALID EMAILS UNDER WHICH I WILL CONTACT ANYONE ARE: SUEBASKO@GMAIL.COM AND SUEBASKOMUSIC@GMAIL.COM  The ONLY VALID website in my name is  and others that may be linked on that page in the sidebar.  The only valid Twitter accounts in my name are @SueBasko and @pacempacem.  Please contact me directly at one of these email addresses and/or file an FBI report about all other communications purportedly from or about me.

Blair Strater aka @rootworx, reported to FBI and Police

Blair Strater aka @rootworx, reported to police and FBI for internet crimes

Monday December 28, 2015.  Early this morning, I was forced to report Blair Strater, aka @rootworx, to the FBI and the Oswego, Illinois, Police Department for internet crimes against me.  Blair Strater has cyberstalked, harassed, and defamed me and put my life and safety in extreme jeopardy for several years now. 

On December 7, 2015, Blair Strater posted a tweet on his @rootworx twitter account in which he readily admits his own involvement with a cache of Child Pornography, blames another person and posts harassing things about that person (including the person's phone number), and posts MY NAME with defamatory slurs.  I have absolutely nothing to do with internet wrongdoer Blair Strater, with the other person, or with child pornography.  I am not involved in any way whatever with the incident!  Blair Strater is a horrible person who for years has defamed me by attaching my name to his horrific crimes and wrongdoing, as he has done in this instance.  Thus, the report to the FBI and his local police.

Why on earth would Blair Strater include MY NAME and his defamatory slurs against me in his twitter rant about his involvement with Child Pornography??  I am a lawyer for music and film and not in any way involved with Blair Strater, his sick behaviors, or anyone involved with him.  Again, thus the report to the FBI and the Oswego Police Department.   

WHO IS BLAIR STRATER?  Blair Strater is a man from Oswego, Illinois, involved with a variety of extremely serious internet crimes or wrongdoings.  There are feature news stories about Blair's parents being harassed and swatted by other internet hackers in retribution for Blair's misdeeds against them.  One might almost feel sorry for Blair's parents, unless you know what their son, Blair Strater, has really been up to.  This latest thing of Blair trying to tie MY NAME into his involvement with Child Pornography is just his latest foray into extreme harm against others. 

Blair Strater is involved in two of the worst, most criminal things on the internet -- the websites Doxbin and Encyclopedia Dramatica.  Each will be explained below.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA: Encyclopedia Dramatica is a horrific, obscene website that would make any normal person gasp in shock.  The website is manned by internet criminals who post defamation about those of us who oppose internet crime.  Since I am a lawyer and oppose internet crime, and I also assist the victims of internet crime, the criminals behind Encyclopedia Dramatica have engaged in huge amounts of defamation against me on their obscene website.  The people who post on Encyclopedia Dramatica are the most depraved, disgusting, immoral and indecent people on all the internet.  They try to attach the names and reputations of good, decent people, such as myself, to their filth.  Blair Strater is one of those participants in that filth.  He brags about it.  He has mocked me and told me I "deserve" to be on Encyclopedia Dramatica because I am "a joke" for opposing internet crime.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is used by internet criminals to coerce others into crime or into silence about crime.  It is used to set an internet tone of acquiescence to internet crime and harassment.  The people who post on Encyclopedia Dramatica are the worst of the worst of the worst of internet crime.  They post lies and defamation and slurs about others to stalk, harass, control, coerce, extort, blackmail, deceive, and manipulate.  

The apologists for Encyclopedia Dramatica call it "satire" or "parody" in the mistaken notion that one can engage in extortion and have it excused by calling it "satire."   Encyclopedia Dramatica is a tool of internet extortion that seeks to punish those who speak out about internet crime and coerce into silence those who object to the crimes.  MANY PEOPLE have reported being told "Be quiet or we will post about you on Encyclopedia Dramatica," or "ED," as its criminal users refer to it.  

Notice in Blair Strater's comments linked below how he explains away his involvement in the horrifyingly defamatory website Encyclopedia Dramatica.  No decent human would be involved in any such site.  The irony is that Blair Strater and his family are complaining about being harassed and swatted, and yet they so easily excuse Blair's ongoing, years-long acts of hate and harm to so many others.   As one of the victims of Blair Strater, I find this not only ironic, but despicable. 

DOXBIN:  One of the other things in which Blair Strater was highly involved is Doxbin.  Doxbin was a website that was on tor and mirrored on the regular internet.  The site was removed off tor not long ago by the FBI and NSA, but Blair Strater saw fit to violate and circumvent the FBI efforts by continuing to mirror it on the regular internet.  He admits this openly in the comment posted below, which he wrote in his own name below one of the articles about his parents being harassed.  Notice in the comment how Blair Strater makes it sound as if "someone else" is the problem, rather than himself being the problem.  Read his explanation carefully because it is the ultimate sociopathic excuse making.

 WHAT WAS DOXBIN?  Doxbin was a site on which all manner of illegal material was posted.  The materials included peoples' social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, banking information, health records, and lots of other things.  Doxbin was used to endanger peoples's lives and safety.  Doxbin was used to set people up to be raped, robbed, defrauded, and murdered.  The people involved in  Doxbin gave aid and support to terrorists, such as those in ISIS, by providing information that could be used to locate and kill U.S. military personnel.

When the FBI finally saw fit to remove Doxbin off the internet, Blair Strater saw fit to sabotage this law enforcement and protective effort by making Doxbin more easily accessible on the regular internet.  He admits this in the comment below.  Blair Strater endangered my life and safety, so I find him utterly despicable. Blair Strater also endangered the lives of many others, including those in the military brave enough to risk their lives for our safety and our nation.    

In Blair Strater's comment copied below, also notice the misinformation he tries to spread that Doxbin was removed "years ago."  Doxbin was removed off the internet by the FBI and NSA fairly recently and it is still well within the statute of limitations for both lawsuits and for criminal prosecutions against Blair Strater and his co-conspirators in running this horribly abusive, dangerous website that endangered the lives and safety of so many people.  

Blair Strater states, "it is very clearly explained that Doxbin, when I began to host a mirror of it, (emphasis added) was *only* used to hold people like Julius Kivimaki (wannabe hackers, Anonymous and the like) accountable for their actions online. . "  This is sociopathic excuse-making, where Blair Strater was endangering the lives and safety of hundreds of thousands of people and Blair Strater was aiding and assisting terrorists, yet he feels he can excuse this by blaming it on Julius Kivimaki, a teenager in Finland.    And so far, Blair Strater has succeeded in avoiding being held responsible for his own actions.  Blair Strater is still free and living in Oswego, Illinois and posting horrific defamation against me and others and trying to involve MY NAME in his child pornography activities.  And thus, the reports to the FBI and Oswego Police.

If you don't like child porn, or you don't like Doxbin, or you don't like Encyclopedia Dramatica, or you don't like Blair Strater, please, make your own reports to the Oswego Police Dept and to the FBI.  If there are enough reports, they may finally take action.


Joseph Maxwell
This article completely ignores the fact that this guy Blair used to run a website called "doxbin" at

Later on, he took the website down due to legal threats. But I personally were subject to endless harassment because of this guy. He posted my social security number on his site and since then I've been SWATted and had countless of false credit cards opened under my name.

Here's an article discussing the site

If I had the money I'd definitely sue this family for all they're worth (which seems to now be nothing)... Sadly law enforcement hasn't been as interested in them, otherwise Blair would be in jail.
Like · Reply · 3 · Oct 25, 2015 8:31pm
Sue Basko
Is there proof Blair ran Doxbin? Then that may explain his attacks against me, since I campaigned strongly to have Doxbin removed off the internet. Do you think Blair Strater is "Nachash"? That seems unlikely, but if so, I have very vivid death and detailed death threats from Nachash. //For those that do not know, Doxbin was a site used by certain horrible people to post information about people to endanger them, and to cause them to be robbed, defrauded, raped, and murdered. There were millions of people worldwide whose safety and lives and finances were put in great danger because of Doxbin. The people who ran Doxbin were malicious, vicious, and predatory.
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Joseph Maxwell
Sue Basko Blair didn't own the site but hosted it, he was an integral part in making it accessible to the general internet (i.e not only tor users) and was enabling most of the harassment through the site.

You can just google "" and you'll find countless of links referring to the site he was hosting.

I believe he eventually got in trouble for hosting his own case officers (Rich WIstocki from Naperville PD) SSN and DOB on the site.
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Blair Strater ·

If you click the link you've posted (twice now), it is very clearly explained that Doxbin, when I began to host a mirror of it, was *only* used to hold people like Julius Kivimaki (wannabe hackers, Anonymous and the like) accountable for their actions online. My mirror was never hosted with the intention of harming innocent Internet users.

In fact, this is why the mirror was taken down many years ago. I never received any legal threats of any kind in regards to the now-defunct Doxbin mirror. There simply came to be a point where the harm far outweighed the good, and it was time tovoluntarily remove the mirror.

I do, however, take exception with your claim that I "posted [your] social security number on [my] site". Mirroring was handled by an automated script that pulled down everything, and had absolutely no sense of who "deserved it". In fact, later versions of the script explicitly looked for and stripped out U.S. social security numbers.

That said, I'd like to offer my most sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused before the decision was made to pull the plug.

Finally, if you've been swatted, I'd definitely recomend filing a FOIA request with the local 9-1-1 agency to obtain a copy of the 9-1-1 call, and take that to your local FBI field office. If credit cards have been opened in your name, I'd recommend calling the three major credit beuraus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to have a "fraud alert" placed on your credit file. You don't need to call all three; flagging one will notify the others, but it certainly helps. Don't let them upsell you on credit monitoring services, LifeLock should be sufficient.
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Blair Strater ·
Sue Basko There is no proof I ran doxbin, and that's probably because I never ran doxbin.

If you've received death threats from folks online, I'd recommend reporting this to your local law enforcement agency.
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Sue Basko
Blair Strater EXCUSE ME. Doxbin was a criminal website that was used to stalk, defame, and endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Blair Strater, YOU are the problem. Doxbin was removed by the FBI because it is a criminal website that endangered the lives and safety of hundreds of thousands of people and enabled crimes against them. You need to be in prison and I hope you are there real soon.
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Satoshi Nakamoto located?

 Satoshi Nakamoto located?
by Susan Basko, Esq.

 According to this tweet by @musalbas, someone sent emails claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto.  And they came from this IP:

The IP of rings up to:

IP Address
City North Prairie
State or Region Wisconsin
Country United States
ISP Time Warner Cable Internet Llc 
Latitude & Longitude 42.9424  -88.4237
Connection Speed  
Connection Type  
UTC Time Zone  
ZIP Code 53153

That longitude and latitude ring up to this address: 
226 Cypress Point,
North Prairie, WI 53153-9619

The Village of North Prairie tax rolls show the house in the name of James J. Gatto.

James J. Gatto
226 Cypress Point
North Prairie, WI 53153

Section: Acres:
226 Cypress Point says there are 1.057 acres, bought for $40,000 with improvements (house and pool) of $608,700, for a total value of $648,700.  The real estate listing has the property priced at $769,900.

The house is listed as a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house.  The photos show a swimming pool, firepit, exercise room, vaulted ceilings, and a fireplace. The home is part of a golf course subdivision.

 James Gatto (possibly same one) is a Virginia lawyer connected to Bitcoin.  Here is a transcript of a speech he gave:

Here is a BIO for James Gatto:  


1. James Gatto bought the Wisconsin house in his name to protect the privacy of Satoshi Nakamoto. If this is the case, then Satoshi Nakamoto is likely the person by the same name who has been listed as living in a Chicago suburb.  In that case, Satoshi Nakamoto is not a pseudonym, but the person's real name.  It would be logical for someone from that Chicago suburb to feel comfortable living in Wisconsin.  On the other hand, it would not seem likely that a lawyer from Virginia would feel comfortable living in a house in Wisconsin.


2. Perhaps James Gatto is Satoshi Nakamoto.  It has been said that "Satoshi Nakamoto" is a pseudonym.


3. Whoever is living in the house is the person who uses the pseudonym Satoshi Nakomoto.  There is a medical doctor by the name of James Gatto who works in Wisconsin.  Is he perhaps the one that developed Bitcoin?


4. Someone spoofed an IP that could be identified as a big house owned in the name similar to the name of a lawyer connected to Bitcoin, as a way of tricking others further about the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

MY GUESS IS THAT #1 IS TRUE - that Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person from the Chicago area, that the lawyer James Gatto represents him, and that the lawyer bought this house in his own name to protect the privacy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bike Sharing: How it Works

Bike Sharing - How it Works
by Sue Basko, esq.

You're in a city and you see people ride by on bikes, many of which seem to match.  Then you notice bike stations with racks (called bike docks) and kiosks.  You see people pick out a bike and ride off.  What is this?  It's Bike Sharing! 

Bike Sharing is popular throughout the world.  Bike Sharing combines two of my favorite things - bicycles and the sharing economy.  Each year, more cities add Bike Sharing programs and the existing programs add more stations and  bikes. 

Here is a list of North American cities that have Bike Sharing programs: 

And here is a worldwide map showing which cities have Bike Sharing:  

Bike Sharing programs have different rules and prices in each city.  However, there is a shared commonality among almost all the programs.  This is how it works:

1.  THE BIKES MATCH. All the Bikes in a city are the same.  The seat heights can be adjusted.  Most of the bikes are sturdy and somewhat heavy.  The bikes have a front basket or rack with a bungee cord.  The bikes have lights that go on by themselves. You can tell the Shared Bikes going past on the street because they will all be the same distinctive color.  Bike Shares buy expensive bicycles that are valued at $1000 to $1500 per bike.

2.  BIKE STATIONS.  Bike Share programs have Bike Stations that have a kiosk and bike docks. The kiosk is a computer screen on which the users buy a daily membership, choose a bike, report any bike malfunctions, etc.  The Bike Stations are self-serve and automatic. There are no workers present, though most Bike Share programs have a phone number where a customer service person can be reached. Each bike is locked securely into a bike dock.  A bike may be taken from any bike station and returned to that same bike station or to any other bike station.

3. SHORT RIDES.  The object of Shared Bikes is to provide bikes for short rides, such as errands or commutes to and from a train, university, shopping center, or tourist attractions.  Therefore, the system works such that all short rides are included in one price.  That "short ride" might be defined as 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or one hour.  You need to check the Bike Sharing program you are using.  

4. ONE PRICE FOR ALL THE SHORT RIDES YOU CAN TAKE.  Most Bike Share programs allow a user to join for 24 hours, or for one month, or for one year.  Included in that price are all the short rides you care to make.  When the short ride time limit is up, you must return the bike to any dock location at any station.  You must then wait a minute or two and you can check out a different bike, if you like.  You could, in theory, spend your day taking short bike rides, and this would cost you one price.  If any bike ride you take exceeds the "Short Ride" time limit for that city, you are billed for the extra time.

5. EXAMPLES: These are imaginary examples that are typical approximations of times and prices.  Let's say Fun City has a bike share program with 100 stations throughout the city, with 1200 bikes total.  In Fun City, you can buy a 24 hour Bike Share pass for $10 or a yearly Bike Share pass for $75.  

If you buy the 24 hour pass at noon, you have until noon the next day to use the bikes.  You can check out a bike and take as many short bike rides as you like.  Let's say Fun City has a 30 minute short ride limit. You can check out a bike, and as long as you re-dock the bike at any bike station within 30 minutes, it is included in the daily price.  You can then wait a few minutes and take out another bike, if you like.  Or you can go for a short ride in the morning, another short ride in the evening, and several short rides the following morning.  If you are walking down a street and see a bike station and the mood suits you, you can take a bike.  

If you keep the bike for longer than 30 minutes (or whatever the short ride limit is in that city) on any given ride, you will be billed extra for that.  As an example, it might be an extra $2 for the time period between 30-60 minutes.

6. BIKE SHARING YEAR MEMBERSHIP:  If you join a Bike Sharing program for a month (if available) or a year, you will be given a thick plastic "key" which you will insert into a bike dock to unlock any bike.  This is much quicker than a daily membership, where you must choose a bike number at the kiosk.  You just walk up to any bike, put in the key, pull the bike from the dock, adjust the seat, and ride away.  With a Bike Share yearly membership, you can take as many Short Ride trips as you like for one year.  You might take 3 trips per day or 3 trips per month.  Users are encouraged to use the Shared Bikes as much as they like.  

7. CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD NEEDED.  To join a Bike Share, you need a debit or credit card.  Fees for keeping the bike longer than the Short Ride limit are charged to the card.  In some cities, only one bike can be taken out per credit card.  Other cities allow multiple bikes to be taken on one card.

8. NOT FOR CHILDREN.  Bike Share programs are not designed for children.  Most cities limit use of Bike Share bikes to people age 16 and up.  The bikes are the size and design for an adult rider.  

9. BIKE SHARE APPS.  Many Bike Share programs have apps for a smart phone that show the locations of bike stations and how many bikes are available at that station.  Bike Share programs also have websites that have interactive maps showing stations and bike availability.  

10. BRING YOUR OWN HELMET. You need to bring your own helmet and anything else you might need for your ride.